Strategy-driven branding for service-based entrepreneurs who want to make waves

Great design is about people

We bring our experience in design and research to the table to build brands that delight your fans and keep you fully booked. Our projects go through 4 stages:

Stage 1


Great design is about people, so we start off by deep diving into your target’s world to understand what makes them tick. We also go deep in exploring your world. 

We believe in building long-lasting relationships with our clients, and for that to happen we need to know what you and your business are all about.

Stage 2


We use the insights uncovered in the previous stage to create a solid strategy and a blueprint for the work ahead. 

We look for the best angles, and approaches to set you apart and make you stand out.

Stage 3


Now it’s time to get creative. We take our strategy and bring it to life through your branding. We love iterating and learning as we go along, and we know that the end result is so much better because of it.

Once we’re happy with where we are, it’s time to throw down the anchor and implement.

Stage 4


We don’t think the work is done just yet. We stay with you through the implementation process to make sure everything is working, and fits all the requirements we agreed on earlier in the process.

Nothing but smooth sailing from now on.

Our Branding Packages


4 weeks

The Starter

4-6 weeks

The Complete

7-9 weeks

Brand Strategy Guide & Moodboard

Primary & Secondary Logos

Color Palette

Typography System

2hr Strategy Workshop

Social Media Assets

Business Card

Photography & Illustration Styles

Squarespace or WordPress Website

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