About us

Hi, we’re The Harbor.

The Harbor is the creation of brothers Lucas and Thiago Fontes. A designer and a researcher with a combined experience of over 20 years working around the world with some really cool brands. Loads of agencies out there say they’re like family – well, we’re literally family.

Our story

We built our careers doing design and strategy work for brands ranging from Netflix to Panasonic, but, much like you, we wanted more from life.

We wanted to do great work for passionate entrepreneurs. We wanted to do work we really believed in. We wanted to bring visions to life.

We wanted to make waves. And here we are.

What we are into

We’re into a bunch of things, but above all, we’re into doing work we love. We are always transparent, we explore ideas beyond the obvious, and we love to have fun while doing it (if you can’t crack a joke now and then, what’s the point, huh?). 

We’re into clients who are like us, because we found out that our best work happens when everyone enjoys the process (oh, and we do enjoy a clearly laid out process).

We’re not into: Large pimped-out offices that cost a fortune and make us charge way more for the work (you do know you pay that bill, right?); being “suppliers”; playing it safe; and not being proud of what we deliver.

Oh, and traffic. We hate that.

Lucas Fontes

Strategic designer and the man behind the brands we create. His work has taken him from Brazil to Spain, to Germany, and back to Rio (where he now takes great pride in waking up super early to surf before getting to work).

Prior to The Harbor, Lucas has lent his talents to organizations like Konica Minolta, Panasonic, MILAN, and CERN.

“I was most impressed by the team, in particular with Lucas’ dynamism and pro-active approach to the assignment we gave him and the team. Lucas is creative, inspirational, takes self-initiative and presents his work well. It has been a pleasure to work with him.”

Markus Nordberg

Head of Resources Development at CERN

Thiago Fontes

A researcher and strategist, Thiago has been working with brands from across the globe for over 10 years. Thiago is based in São Paulo and unfortunately cannot go surfing in the morning.

Prior to The Harbor, Thiago led James Insights, a research and strategy studio working with brands like Netflix, Spotify, Smirnoff, and L’Oreal.

“Thiago is a great and easy person to work with. Is not common to find a researcher with a strong tech background and knowledge about this market as he has. He really takes the conversation to the next level, providing actionable insights to help our business grow.”

Alberto Kok

User Research at WhatsApp Inc.

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